Mara Stars by Elsen Karstad

ph Alan Van Gysen

Mass Killings Can Haunt Elephants For Decades
by Virginia Morell
African elephants that have lived through the trauma of a cull—or selected killing of their kin—may look normal enough to the casual observer, but socially they are a mess.
That’s the conclusion of a new study, the first to show that human activities can disrupt the social skills of large-brained mammals that live in complex societies for decades. The finding, experts say, has implications for conservation management, which often solely focuses on the number of animals in a population, and may extend to chimpanzees, dolphins, whales, and other species…
(read more: Science News/AAAS)
photo: Graeme Shannon

Tree climbing Lion in Uganda 0186 by Merv Colton on Flickr.

November 6, 1962: United Nations Condemns Apartheid
On this day in 1962, the United Nations adopted Resolution 1761 that condemned the racist policies of the apartheid system in South Africa and encouraged member nations to cease relations with this country. This also established the Special Committee against Apartheid to promote an international campaign.
In effect from 1948 – 1993, apartheid was the Nationalist Party’s government sanctioned racial segregation against nonwhites, who constitute the majority of the country’s population, in South Africa. Noted for his activism against apartheid, Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black and first democratically elected president in 1994, signaling a new era in government affairs.
Explore the anti-apartheid global movement timeline featured on Independent Lens’ “Have You Heard From Johannesburg” film site for more insight.
Photo: November 1967. South Africa, the country of Apartheid, where black and white,as the signs suggest, go their different ways. (Getty Images)

Eye to Eye by greg du toit.

Magical Mara Moment by Ashley Vincent ~ A very handsome male leopard bathed in gorgeous golden light

by Jesse Pafundi

My little buddy Shrek the white rhino. May he stay safe and grow old.
Find out more about the rhino poaching crisis here: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/rhinoceros/african_rhinos/poaching_crisis_african_rhinos/
Please spread the word and keep Shrek safe.